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Breakfast Around The World Tea Collection

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A Journey of Flavors

Embark on a global journey of flavors with our Breakfast Around the World Tea Collection of 17 Teas! From the aromatic spices of India and Africa to the delicate blends of Japan, each sip transports you to a different corner of the world. Explore the rich traditions and vibrant cultures of breakfast tea rituals, all from the comfort of your home. Cheers to discovering new tastes and embracing the diversity of our world, one delightful cup at a time and 17 global flavors: Each package yields 3-6 cups.

☕️ English Breakfast Black Tea: Start your day the British way with our English Breakfast Black Tea. This classic blend features Keemum from China, known for its robust and invigorating flavor. Whether enjoyed with milk and sugar or on its own, it offers a well-rounded cup that's perfect for a hearty breakfast.

☕️ Irish Breakfast Black Tea: Experience the richness of Irish culture with our Irish Breakfast Black Tea. This blend combines Assam India and high Ceylon Sri Lanka teas, creating a bold and full-bodied cup with malty undertones. It's a robust brew that's meant to awaken your senses and prepare you for the day ahead.

☕️ Scottish Breakfast Black Tea: Embrace the flavors of Scotland with our Scottish Breakfast Black Tea. This blend features a combination of Assam, Keenum, Yunnan, and Ceylon black teas. The result is a hearty cup with a rich and malty flavor profile, perfect for those who enjoy a strong and satisfying morning tea.

☕️ Jamaican Blue Mountain Breakfast Black (Pu-erh) Tea: Indulge in the exotic flavors of Jamaica with our Jamaican Blue Mountain Breakfast Black Tea. This unique blend features Coffee beans, ground coffee, green coffee, and cornflower, creating a delightful fusion of tea and coffee notes. It's an energizing cup that pays homage to Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee

☕️ African Adventure - African Breakfast Black Tea: Travel to Africa with our African Breakfast Black Tea, a blend of Black teas from Kenya, Assam India, and China. This bold and robust cup reflects the diverse tea-growing regions of Africa, with each sip offering a journey through the continent's rich tea heritage. Generally this rich vibrant tea is served with with heavy sugar.

☕️ Dragonwell is the most common morning tea in China. It is also known as Longjing which is a green tea that is pan fried.

☕️ Japanese Sencha, in contrast to Dragonwell, is a green tea that is steamed.

Both are served most often at 170 degrees and with nothing added.

☕️ Nepali Morning Bliss - Nepali Breakfast Black Tea: Awaken your senses with our Nepali Breakfast Black Tea, a blend of Kanchanjangha noir, Ginger, and Black Cardamom. This spicy and aromatic cup is a tribute to Nepal's tea culture, offering a unique and invigorating start to your day. Sometimes in the Himalayas, they add butter and salt to their morning mix; yak butter tea.

☕️ Masala Chai and Turkish Black are very common throughout the entire middle east and Asia. These same teas are also served in Eastern Europe. India makes its chai by boiling the milk with the tea and spices, or sometimes no milk at all. The Turkish way is to make tea is to concentrate the tea to almost a paste then add water to each individual cup . like Russia, they drink with a cube of sugar in their teeth

☕️ Indonesia Breakfast is a hearty black tea served with sugar frequently. It can sometimes come as a powder for instant tea and can be iced or served hot.

☕️ Guatemala Sunrise - Guatemala Breakfast Black Tea: Experience the flavors of Central America with our Guatemala Breakfast Black Tea. This blend captures the essence of Guatemala's rich coffee culture, with bold and vibrant notes that are perfect for a wake-up call.

☕️ In Columbia, the morning starts with a crispy rich black tea Columbian black as more and more people switch from coffee to tea.; The tea is usually served with sugar.

☕️ Breakfast in Iguazu-in this case is Guayusa but can also be yerba mate. Guayusa is grown mostly in Ecuador and Peru. Yerba and Erva mate are grown in Argentina and Brazil mostly. Both of these have a long and storied history with indigenous people. Both are high energy boosts for a perfect start in the morning. That energy kick lasts all day!

☕️  Malta Mornings is a black tea with the typical fruits and spices served in their morning tea and throughout the day. Frequently served with sugar or more commonly, agave for a sweet morning lift.

☕️  Greek Mountain Morning - Greek Mountain Morning Herbal Tea: Savor the flavors of Greece with our Greek Mountain Morning Herbal Tea. This blend features Chamomile, Mountain Sideritis Scardica, Hawthorn, Lemon balm, and Cinnamon, creating a soothing and herbal cup that's reminiscent of the tranquil Greek mountains

Lastly, let’s not forget Christmas morning!. The flavors of the season with black tea for an invigorating kick to the holiday season.

☕️ Join the Breakfast Tea Journey!